We believe that

true synergy creates growth.

We are active investors dedicated to creating results.


Today and tomorrow

Is being made by dreams

You have a dream. You have a goal. You have an ambition.
You have a company. A brand. You have spent countless hours creating the perfect product. The best team. The perfect pitch. The best business plan. So what’s next?

We invest with

our hearts

We are GrowYou: a small group of dedicated and experienced angel and seed capital investors based in Copenhagen, Denmark with an extensive global network. We invest with our hearts, and find companies that we are passionate about growing. It’s this passion combined with the 20+ companies we have invested in that create synergies within our networks to help kickstart growth.

Networking in

all competencies

We have invested in many companies with a wide range of skills to ensure an amazing synergy
See our network

175+ years experience

  • Building Companies
  • Growth Strategy
  • Market Development
  • Branding & Digital
  • Product & Market Strategy
  • Business Innovation
  • Funding
  • Creative

1+1 = 14

Synergy & knowledge creates growth +
People Networking

All branches & competencies
are represented in our network

We invest in indviduals, we invest in teams our philosophy is that we invest in good people, and good things happen

Our process starts with strong communication. Business models and crunching numbers are nice but let’s talk.

Our team consists of experts from a range of different but complimentary fields, from IT to Entertainment, Marketing to Finance each of us have an expansive network that we activate in order to bring the companies we invest in results. We also find similarities and potential partnerships within the companies we work with to create unique and profitable synergies that might not have been obvious at first sight. Through strong communication, network, sparing and strategy our team are able to bring value to our companies that is beyond simple finance.

Meet some of our companies

See the amazing companies and experience the synergy in the Growyou group. Some companies are not fully presentable as they are under development, but we present them here anyway to give an early view of what to be expected.

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