About us


Today and tomorrow

Is being made by dreams

You have a dream. You have a goal. You have an ambition.
You have a company. A brand. You have spent countless hours creating the perfect product. The best team. The perfect pitch. The best business plan. So what’s next?

We invest with

our hearts

We are GrowYou: a small group of dedicated and experienced angel and seed capital investors based in Copenhagen, Denmark with an extensive global network. We invest with our hearts, and find companies that we are passionate about growing. It’s this passion combined with the 20+ companies we have invested in that create synergies within our networks to help kickstart growth.

10 M+ invested

Over 8 milion

investments in 2018

20+ years
100+ people

Networking in

all competencies

We have invested in many companies with a wide range of skills to ensure an amazing synergy
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The Team

Nicky Schlünssen Furdal
Chief Risk Officer
Michael Niebling Llobet
Chief Risk Officer
Michael Dines Schlünssen
Chief Risk Officer
Leif Viktor Hansen
Chief Risk Officer